VI. Common Areas

1. All items, including but not limited to toys, recreation equipment, portable basketball hoops, bicycles, patio furniture, outdoor cooking equipment, must be removed from the common area, which includes driveways, by dusk.

2. Bike riding, roller skating, skateboarding or scooter use is not allowed on the lawn areas.

3. No Boats, commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, trailers or other vehicles, not including passenger automobiles, shall be parked or stored on any portion of the premises (excluding garage) for a period of more than twenty-four (24) hours without prior Board approval.

4. All attachments or inserts to a vehicle, such as trailers, bike racks, campers, etc., must be stored within a homeowners’ garage.

5. No major mechanical work will be permitted on driveways, lawns or common areas, except emergencies such as tire and/or batter repairs. All other automotive work, bodywork, painting, etc. is prohibited. No inoperative vehicle may remain on a driveway for longer than seven (7) consecutive days.

6. Owners, residents and their guests are prohibited from parking in or an any of the follow areas: Any sod, grass or other landscaped area; on or over sidewalks; in any manner so as to obstruct egress and exit from driveways.