XIII. Schedule of Fines

A. With Respect to all fines EXCEPT for violation of Regulation II,

Assessments, the schedule of fees is as follows:

First Notice of Violation No fine assessed

Second Notice of Violation $50.00

Third Notice of Violation $75.00

Fourth Notice of Violation $100.00

B. With Respect to fines for violations of Regulation II, Assessments, fees are as follows:

Unpaid after thirty (30) days: $50.00 + 18% interest per annum Unpaid after sixty (60) days $1.00 per day in addition to the above fine + 18% interest, untilthe fee is paid

The Board may assess the Owner for all costs for repairs to correct damage caused by any violation. In addition, the Owner shall be assessed for the costs of any legal fees incurred by the Association.