XII. Enforcement of Declaration, Regulations and By-Laws

1. If an Owner violates or is otherwise liable for a violation of the provisions of the Declaration, By-Laws or these Rules & Regulations of the Association, the Board has the right to demand compliance for a violation and will draft a Notice of Violation and send same to the unit Owner.

2. Should the Owner have an objection, the Owner may file a protest in writing to the Board, stating the reasons why the Owner feels they did not commit a violation.

3. Should no protest be filed within fourteen (14) days, the allegations in the Notice of Violation shall be considered to be true. Should a protest be filed, a hearing on the matter shall be held before the Board no later than six (6) weeks after the receipt of the written protest. The owner must be present in person at the hearing or the protest will be denied.

4. At the hearing, the Board shall hear and consider arguments, evidence or statements, regarding the alleged violation. After a full hearing, the Board shall state its determination regarding the alleged violation.

5. Payment of the charges made under this policy shall not become due and owing until the Board has completed its determination. However other legal or equitable remedies may be pursued by the Board during this time.