September, 2007

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Debbie Davis/Treasurer,
Charley Galassini/Secretary, Joseph Oliver/Director

ABSENT: Jason Marker/Director

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted without amendments.

Matt is waiting for Gina get our documents ready to be picked up and the check for the remaining balance in our account. Matt will call her to put some pressure to get this process moving.

Matt will talk with Jason to help foster the communication with Matt’s brother and Jason about our official documents.

Debbie has yet to hear back from the insurance company, so we can get a copy of the documents. She has left several messages, but they have not responded yet.

Matt will call the landscaper regarding some lawn care issues.

We will need to get things in place for our annual meeting. Matt will draft some of the covenant changes and Charley will draft a letter. We will need an agenda for the meeting.

Joe has been making progress on getting the dead trees replaced. He continues to follow up with TJ from Plainfield. We should know by the next meeting about when Plainfield will start the work.

Treasurer’s Report
We did not receive the latest financials from Foster Premier. We should have them when Matt gets the documents from Gina at Foster Premier.

We discussed the result of our questionnaire and the results will be put on our website. We will discuss these in highlighted form at our annual meeting. It appears that most people want the assessment to stay as low as possible and having our community looking nice.

We are looking at putting together a welcome packet, for new residents, that will include information such as our hotmail address, how to access the Tuttle Estate homepage, and our P.O. Box address. We discussed possibly having a small welcome gift.

We discussed decorating our parkway trees with holiday lights like they do at Walker’s Grove.

Matt will check into a place for our annual meeting. There are several possibilities, two being local schools and the other a local bank.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday October 8, 2007.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors