October, 2006

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Debbie Davis/Controller,
Charley Galassini/Secretary, Jason Marker.

ABSENT: Joseph Oliver.

This was the first meeting of the Board of Directors.

Treasurer’s Report

The Board reviewed several landscaping proposals. We are expecting two more proposals to come from Gina at Foster Premier. We will review the proposals along with the others and decide which is the most financially sound. We have time to review these proposals carefully so we choose the company that best meets the needs of our community.

We have observed that other communities have the name on the signs on the road. Jason will look into this matter and report back at our next meeting.

Debbie is going to see what it may cost to have a light at the front of our sub-division. We have noticed that it is dark in the front of our sub-division and easy to drive right by it at night.

The Board received a proposal for a fence which appeared compliant with the covenants regarding fences, so the proposal was approved.

The Board will review the fence covenants.

The Board will have to discuss what will be done when there are violations to the established covenants.

The insurance was renewed January of 2006.

The Board decided to review the contract with Foster Premier. They charge 1200.00 per year and we want to make sure what we are getting for this amount of money. Their contact will expire July 31, 2007. Jason is going to review their responsibilities.

The Board reviewed the financials sent from Foster Premier. The Board reviewed the balance sheet and expenses. The statement of accounts was reviewed and there are a number of people delinquent on paying their assessment. There is someone who appears to be three years behind. The Board questioned why Foster Premier has not taken action.

The Board is considering a tiered penalty system for those homeowners who do not pay their assessment on time. It was discussed the money is needed to pay our financial obligations and it is important to have the money on time.

It was discussed that we may establish a home page for our association. Matt will look into this and we will discuss this further at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held at Debbie Davis’s house, on November 16, 2006, at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors