November 12th, 2008

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert, President, Charley Galassini, Jason Marker, Director Joseph Oliver, Director, Jennifer Gneuhs, Secretary
GUEST: Dan from Summer Green Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc

Old Business
The minutes from the last meeting were approved without amendments.
We discussed Homeowners who still are delinquent in paying their dues. Board members went to meet with the homeowners of 13006 Meadow Lane Wednesday Nov. 5 th. The homeowners did not show up at the agreed time of 7:00. The board members then went to the home and talked with the homeowner and it was stated that the sand pile would be removed by the end of the week. Prior to this meeting, the sand had been removed and the car was parked in the driveway. We deem the home now in compliance. 12948 Meadow is off the list as delinquent as well. Two violation letters were also returned from homeowners in violation. The Board is working on obtaining forwarding addresses of these homeowners. The board also received a letter from a homeowner that would be happy to comply but wasn't clear on the exact violation. The Board will follow up with an explanation. We will continue to pursue the current homeowners that are delinquent in paying association dues and homeowners who are in Violation of the Covenants with letters and possible home visits. We discussed the present pond maintenance contract and our thoughts would be not to do the cattail treatment this 2009 season but to gauge follow up treatments on how fast the cattails multiply and the need to be treated. However, we are under a two-year agreement on the other treatments that pertain to pond maintained. The President again spoke about maintaining our current website which is at no cost to the Association, but advised we would begin being charged as of January of 2009 a fee of $120. The Board agreed this was reasonable and approved same unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer wrote checks for Tuttle Estates P.O. Box ($42.00), Green Up ($140.00), and Commonwealth Edison ($133.39). The current balance as of 10/06/08 is $7,235.46, prior to above checks clearing. The Board reviewed various amounts still owed for the remainder of the year and discussed how we would likely be in a deficit - just over $1,000.00 by years end after paying all remaining bills. The Board then discussed a 2009 budget and Charlie gave an approximate increase in the anticipated budget in next year for utilities and common expenses. In addition, the Board discussed a need to create a capital reserve account for capital expenditures and/or continual reserves. We anticipated needed roughly $9,000 for said reserves, based on expenditures the Board deemed would be necessary in the upcoming year. In looking at the total expenditures of around $41,000 and anticipated non-payment from residents due to foreclosure or otherwise, the Board proposed an increase in dues to $180 per person in 2009. Any additional money received over the $41,000 if any, will go into the community reserve account. A vote was taken on whether to approve an increase in 2009 assessments at $180 and the Board unanimously agreed on this amount. The Board discussed drafting a letter to include with the new association bill explaining the reason for the increase. Dues for 2009 will be sent out in early December and will be due by the first week in January. No late fees to be assessed until after February 5, 2009.

New Business
The Board reviewed three landscaping proposals for capital expenditures to be done in 2009 and listened to Dan from SummerGreen give detail on the status of the community, expenditures to the middle island, and the possibility of planting trees around the ponds before years end. He indicated he could get the trees planted before the end of the year, which would save costs as trees are their cheapest now. Dan also indicated he could demo some lighting for the middle island for a few days so that we could see what it would look like and then provide an estimate for same - giving us a round ballpark figure of $3,000 for lighting. This measure is being considered for not only aesthetic, but safety issues. Dan also recognized that the north pond had not been mowed and that he would also be taking care of that in a timely manner. After Dan had left, the Board discussed the landscaping proposals at length. The Board agreed that Dan's proposal was best - as it was both cheapest but also more limited to the Board's goal of keeping expenditures to a minimum - to fit within the reserves we would have on hand, which we anticipate to be around $9,000. The Board reviewed SummerGreen's proposal and unanimously agreed on improving the middle island with plants and lights and adding roughly 12 trees around the ponds, which fits within the reserves we anticipate obtaining for said capital expenditures. The Board was able to get the electrical work completed at the North entrance at the cost of $125.00. This included labor and equipment for the job to be completed - adding electrical outlets so that we could decorate for the upcoming holiday season. The beautification committee can now decorate the front entrance for the holidays. We discussed possibly charging a nominal fee for advertising space in the upcoming newsletters. We then decided to meet for "The Stuffing of the Envelopes" for our Fall Newsletter on Nov 19.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday November 19th, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. This will to go over the upcoming November newsletter and stuff envelopes.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors