2016 TECA Annual Meeting        March 8 2016.      Plainfield Library

Present:   Art/ Andrea/ Charley/ Scott
Absent:   Eric

Called to Order:   7:03pm

27 households represented = quorum
  Charley 1 proxy
  Scott 22 proxies
  Board members = 4 members

  Homeowner Kiran Aujla arrived for meeting after budget was approved

Nominations for the Board - As submitted
No nominations from the floor

Call for the vote, all candidates voted and elected, and announced. 27-0
   Scott Mueller - President
   Art Gneuhs - director
   Andrea Parr - director

Treasurer's Report
      - A Bank purchased house that we were going to foreclose on.
      - We need to review the rules and strengthen and address the
                   amount of rentals in TECA
         Andrea will review Lakewood Falls process, as they did this recently.

      Checking account. 65,506.  (Start of fiscal year)
      Reserve account 40,338*

      * Reserve account should be 1 to 1.5x annual budget

       Annual budget projected at 44,640**

        ** does not include additional legal costs for unknown real estate issues

        Additional items on Budget:
        1)   Need to budget for additional Holiday lights - Art and Charley will review.
        2)   May need to also budget for some additional required pond maintenance
               (See below)

      Vote to approve budget passed 27-0
       Art motion
       Andrea seconded

       Motion to enable Charley to pay bills within the budget, without meeting to approve each
       bill. Motion passed.
        Scott entertained motion Art made motion
        Andrea seconded

        Scott meeting with village regarding walkers grove resident concerned about
        Pond reeds in his drain.   Worst case we may have some clean outs to do.

       Social Update - Block Party date will be determined in April
                   Andrea suggesting August, she will review with residents

       Kiran came to the meeting to have some questions on assessments
                   answered as she thought they had double paid.  Charley elected
                   to answer those questions at the meeting.

      Motion adjourn Andrea 7:46
                   Art seconded

       Meeting adjourned at 7:47