May 12, 2009

ATTENDEES: Matt Hauber/President, Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jason Marker/Director, Mark Larson/Director, Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary

Guest: Jennifer Wilkerson, resident and Chairperson of the Neighborhood Watch Committee

Old Business
Minutes for April 14th, 2009 meeting were approved. The Board welcomed our new Director, Mark Larson.

The survey results that were previously included in the March, 2009 Newsletter were tallied, with the majority of the votes going towards lighting the front North Island of the subdivision. The board has been in contact with Dan from Summer Green and indicated he will try to get the South Pond plantings done by May 13th. The work on the lights and Middle Island will possibly start a couple weeks after the plantings around the South Pond are complete.
A prior vote was held on expenditures for the common area projects with the approved amount of $6,500.00 for these areas, which includes estimates as follows: the light project - $3,500.00, entrance plantings - $2,000.00, and $1,000.00 - plantings around the ponds. All remaining money will be put into the reserve Account.
The Board discussed the state of the Tuttle Blog and concluded it will no longer exist and we will direct all residents to our new website in the future.
The Board next discussed on how to respond and to who will respond to e-mails sent to the Tuttle Estates email. At the present time it was agreed that Jason would respond to the Tuttle Estate emails. In the future, we will look for each board member to have a separate form of contact (via-email), allowing any resident to direct their question or concern to which they would like a response from. This would also eliminate any one Board Member speaking for the Board as a whole.
Community Violations procedures were discussed. We will attempt to get out letter to violators in the near future.

Treasurer’s Report
The board reviewed and discussed financial statements presented by the Treasurer. The Tuttle Estates checking account balance as of April 30th, 2009 was $36,811.09. The Tuttle Estates Reserve saving account balance was $8000.00. A Summary of outstanding Dues owed was also reviewed and discussed. The total amount due as of April 1, 2009 was $9,580.34.
Bills paid were $300.00 to Mark Cantey for the filing of taxes; an additional $300.00 is stilled owed for these services. The Com Ed bill was paid, the sum was $35.85. Bills to be paid are Green Up/ Pond Maintenance $4,347.00, Summer Green's April Invoice $1950.00, and The Village of Plainfield/ Water Bill $12.68. The Com Ed bill was paid, the sum was $35.85. Plants/Trees for the Ponds were purchased for $970.00.
The Board discussed future plans for seriously delinquent homeowners, and it was decided that Jason and Mark were going to follow up on the delinquent homeowners. Jason and Matt will contact some Attorneys and set an appointment at a later date. The Attorneys will be contacted to give legal advice on collection of delinquent dues as well as advice on how to handle foreclosure situations. Jason & Mark will present findings at our next meeting.

New Business
The Board talked with Jennifer Wilkerson who is the Chairperson for the Neighborhood watch. She informed the board that she had spoke with Officer Mark Segal about starting up a Neighborhood Watch Program in Tuttle Estates due to recent events throughout the community. Jennifer is working with Brian/Tuttle web designer to try and get a link set up for reports of crime in our direct area code. The Board discussed having Jennifer/Officer Seagal give a 15min presentation explaining the Neighborhood watch to the residents on June 16th open meeting at the Plainfield Library. A face book page in conjunction with the Neighborhood watch was also discussed and will be determined at a later date.
The Board discussed upgrading the sprinkler system, in effort to conserve water and save money on future water bills. We will have a rep from GreenUp, who turns on the sprinklers, check for faulty heads/spray and report back. As of yet, we have not turned the sprinklers on due to the good rain we have had. Likely, we will turn them on sometime in June.
The Board considered hiring a management company for the 2010 and Mark will work to obtain some proposals for later discussion.
A fence approval was given to Jennifer Wilkerson around her residence.
The board discussed setting up a procedure for homes that are vacant and would need lawn mowing throughout the mowing season. We will continue to work with the Village and with any realty companies owning properties.
The Web site will be updated with Board Announcements in regards to the upcoming State of the State Meeting at the Plainfield Public Library and the Summary of Improvement projects that will be taking place in the upcoming weeks.
Social events that were discussed by the board were a date for the community bike ride-still to be determined, Community Garage Sale day-still to be determined, and the second annual Bags tournament with 50 percent of the proceeds going to the winner and the other 50 percent going to the HOA-date still to be determined. We are still looking for a social committee chairperson.
The Newsletter was discussed and a tentative date of June 5, 2009 was set for disbursement. The board then discussed how to distribute the upcoming Newsletter and decided to look into setting up a “Newsletter Box” for the residents who have not provided us with their email address, to set up near the entrance at 127th street.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday June 16, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. – open meeting for all residents.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gneuhs, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors