March 10, 2009 - Open Residents Meeting

ATTENDEES:Matt Haubert/President, Charley Galassini/Secretary,
Jason Marker/Director, Jennifer Gneuhs, Secretary

Treasurer’s Report
Charley explains to the members of the community in attendance about our established
capital reserve account. He went over our reserve balance as of Jan. 2009, $1,250.00,
Additions to the Reserve from 2009, $7,900.00 from Assessments, and our anticipated reserve balance for the end of 2009, $6,990.00. The Account balance as of March 9th, 2009 was stated to be $35,369.42. The total outstanding dues owed to the Association at this time are $11,323.34. Charlie also spoke with an attorney in regards to collecting on Association past due amounts. The attorney is willing to meet with the Board to discuss collection options. The board will be taking more aggressive steps in collecting from past due homeowners. The board will be working on drafting up an additional letter to delinquent homeowners.
The board encouraged all members in attendance to participate in one of the following committees, Beatification/Landscaping, Welcome, Social, Communication/Newsletter Tuttle Outlook, Neighborhood Watch, Advertising, Traffic Control, Use Restriction, and Collections Committee. Chairpersons for three out of nine Committees are as follows Newsletter Committee-Jennifer Johnsruc-Editor, Beautification Committee-Terry Walters and Traffic Control Committee-Eric Laughridge. Jennifer Worgull expressed interest in being the Chairperson for the Welcome Committee. The board indicated establishing these committees will help out the Board tremendously.

Residents Question & Answer portion of the meeting was started of by a member of the community inquiring on putting liens on homes that are delinquent in paying Association dues. The board has contemplated putting liens on homes and determined that consulting
legal council is a major concern when filing a lien on a home. However, a lien would be filed on any resident's home that is past due over a reasonable timeframe. The timeframe is still to be determined. The board is also considering more cost effective options in collecting dues, such as a Collections Committee who would then be in charge of filing liens and sending out delinquent notices to past due homeowners. A resident suggested that we put delinquent residents names into the newsletter and on the website.
Residents inquired on the Association dues increase for 2009. The board has now established a reserve account and has come out of a deficit situation left to the Board by Foster Premiere. Also, with not having an increase to the community since it's inception it was a must to maintain "the highest standards" for our community property, as our declarations command. Our Community is very young and we are always looking for ways to improve upon it.
Several other concerns were expressed to the Board by residents such as speeding, cutting of the grass/weeds to homes that are foreclosed on for the upcoming spring/summer season, how many homes are currently foreclosed on, and the abandoned car on Meadow. The Board will be looking into ways on helping control traffic through our children filled neighborhood. Hence the traffic control committee. The Village of Plainfield has in the past and will continue to be contacted when lawns are over 6 inches. Also the Village has been contacted concerning abandoned vehicles. Currently there are 6 foreclosed homes in Tuttle Estates.

The next open meeting will be held June 5, 2009. Location is to be determined.
Board of Directors Meeting 8pm/9pm

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors