March 10, 2009

ATTENDEES: Matt Hauber, President, Charley Galassini, Treasurer, Jason Marker, Director, Jennifer Gneuhs, Secretary

Old Business
Minutes for February 19th, 2009 were approved by via e-mail on March I st, 2009.
The board reviewed a list of 2009 delinquent residents. Upon a unanimous vote the board agreed to give partial payment residents until March 3 1 st for full payment of the association dues without receiving a late payment. Eight homeowners currently have made partial payments for a total amount due of $245. 00. As of April I st, 2009 if remaining dues have not been made, a notice will be sent to the resident and fine of $50.00 will be assessed per the rules and regulations. If the payment is not received within thirty days of April I st, 2009 the resident will also incur additional late fees of $1.00 day for every day the payment is late thereafter. Upon another unanimous vote the board agreed to issue seriously delinquent residents a second letter, the letter will be drafted up and a certified notice will be sent implicating further actions the board will now take in acquiring the pass due payments.
Homeowner's violations in regards to the abandoned vehicle on Meadow and a Concrete block that is on the parkway in front of Lot# I have been made aware to The Village of Plainfield. The Village will review both violations and act accordingly. The hand delivered Newsletter saved the Board approx. $61.00 in postage. Also with the hand delivered Newsletter it was found that the address of 25403 Juniper Court/Lot# 164 does not exist. The correct address for lot #164 is 12926 Terrace Blvd. We still have a total of 248 homes in the Community. Foreclosure homes will be looked at and newsletters will possibly be removed from these homes. The Board is still pursuing a Chairperson for the Communications Committee. The Board is also continuing to talk with Metro-Joe in efforts to make the present Tuttle website more and more user- friendly in hopes of gaining better communication between the Board and the Community. The Board will give recommendations to Eric on some ideas that would add to making the web site helpful such as a Calendar of Events. We will also need updates made to the front page of web site concerning getting residents to help out on committees, reminder for the residents in regards to the landscaping survey, eventually an update on the outcome of the survey, and the Application for the Open Board position.

Treasurer’s Report
Charlie recapped what was discussed during the open portion of the meeting.

New Business
Upon a unanimous vote the Board agreed to have March 24 th , 2009 as the deadline concerning the application for the open Board position. The Board then will review all applications and a decision to appoint a director will be made by April 7 th . The first Board Meeting the approved Director will attend will be April 14 th 2009.

The next meeting will be held April 14, 2009, 7:00 at Panera.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors