June 16, 2009

ATTENDEES: Matt Hauber/President, Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jason Marker/Director, Mark Larson/Director, Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary

ABSENT: Jason Marker, Director


Officer Mark J. Siegel and Officer Lupic spoke about starting a Neighborhood Watch Program in Tuttle Estates. The Tuttle Estates area is referred to by the Plainfield Police department as Zone 2.

The Officer explained simple things that Tuttle residents can do to help illuminate future car thefts in our area. Don't leave loose change in plain site in your vehicle, remove mobile GPS units, and basically remove anything of value from your vehicle before locking it up for the night.

The Officers also answered questions from concerned residents on speeding, solicitors, curfew, parking and citations concerning Dog Duty in and around residents’ yards. The officers gave helpful information on Curfew times and ages with are as follows, SUN-THUR 17 and under curfew are 10pm; FRI-SAT for 16-17 years of age curfew is 11pm, 15 years of age and younger curfew is 10pm. Solicitors in the Village of Plainfield are required to have a permit from the Village allowing them to solicit their "product". The Village has a sticker that can be placed on your front window to help deter pesky solicitors’ from your residents. Also, no food vendors are allowed under any circumstance to sell food items. When parking curb side you must be 30 feet away from any posted traffic sign, and there is no parking allowed curbside from the hours of 1am-6am. The officers concluded if anyone had a non-emergency concern feel free and call the Non-Emergency line at (815)436-2341.

President, Matt Hubert spoke about how appreciative the board is for an incredible web-site that has taken Board communication to an amazing new level. Also, the Board thanked other residents for their helpful participation; Terry Walters for the heading up the Beautification Committee and Jennifer Wilkerson for heading up the Neighborhood watch committee.

At the time of the meeting 98 out 248 homes in Tuttle had provided the Board with their email address. When are still looking to gain more email addresses to cut down on paper waste.

Treasurer’s Report
Charlie spoke to the residents about the remaining delinquent homeowners and what the Board has done in efforts to collect on the dues owed to the HOA. Charlie distributed a Tuttle Estates 2009 Tracking of Monthly Expenses report to all residents in attendance. The Monthly Expense Report can now be found on Tuttle Estates Website, it is the Board continued effort in making all monies spent by the Board transport to all residents.

Mark spoke to the residents on the foreclosures that have occurred in Tuttle Estates. Mark and Jason meet with a HOA Lawyer to which the Lawyer explained the aggressive steps the board will take in the challenging task of trying to collect on delinquent homeowners.

The residents’ questions and concerns were listened to and answered by the Board. Numerous concerns were directed towards beatification of the neighborhood. The Berm owed by Tuttle Estates was discussed on how to make it more appealing, by weeding, seeding, ECT... Upgrading the sprinkler system was discussed in efforts to reduce water bills in the future. Concerns about the landscaping company dumping the landscaping waste into the South ponds were discussed along with contacting the board with concerns with unmowed lawns.
The new light project was to start after the Board received the Village permit.

The residents also questioned if it was possible to eliminate renters in the subdivision to which Mark explained that we would need a 50% vote a total of 125 households in the subdivision to be able to change our Declarations.

It was also discussed at the meeting that we needed to get a link up on the Tuttle website for the Will County Assessor Site, to help people possibly get a tax break on their home if the square footage of their home is recorded incorrectly by Will County.

It was a concern of the residents to keep assessments low in the future.

The next meeting will be held at Tuesday August 11th, 2009 at Panera.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gneuhs, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors