June, 2007

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President Debbie Davis/Controller,
Charley Galassini/Secretary, Jason Marker/Joseph Oliver.


The minutes from the last meeting were accepted without amendments. The insurance was renewed and it is current. Jason stated it is appropriate for what we need. Debbie will ask the insurance company for a copy of our policy. We will need to review February of 2008. The Board is going to institute a late fee for community members who do not pay their annual assessment on time. If someone is past due 30 days, we will have a late fee and charge interest. We will consider a 50.00 late fee and there will be an 18% annual late fee assessed. If necessary a lien will be place on the residence to collect any over due assessments. We discussed notifying and discussing this proposal with all residents at our annual meeting, which we plan on having in September. Matt has been working on having a community website. The community can get information about the community at Metropolisjoe.com. Plainfieldonline.com/village.gov then click on community associations. A number of residents have complained about dead trees. TJ, an aborist, with Plainfield, will investigate and let Debbie and Joe know what the resolution will be. There is a letter of credit, good for two years, that Wiseman-Hughes was responsible for posting. The turnover meeting was August 24, 2006, so we have time to get this resolved. Follow up- Waiting for TJ to get final solution, Debbie and Joe will follow up. We are exploring the possibilities, with local landscapers, to see if people in our community purchase a certain number of trees, that we could get some trees free. This will allow people to purchase trees for their own residence. The free trees would be put in different community areas in our community. This is being suggested to make our community more attractive. Joe is sending a letter to Garden Visions and we will contact other landscapers for estimates. Fall is the target for a decision.

Treasurer’s Report

The landscaper found five broken sprinkler heads. They will be replaced, depending on the amount of cost involved and our budget. Debbie will follow up with the landscaper. We are also going to have some perennials planted to make our community look nicer. The Board has decided to open a hotmail account. Charley will open the account and get the information to the other Board members. This will allow community members to send questions and concerns to the board. We will have a rotation to apply. Joe opened the PO Box. Debbie and Charley will keep the keys. They will check periodically. The Board will look to the community to get ideas for community events. Jason stated we would need to organize ourselves as a corporation/ LLC and he stated he could get this done. There are papers that will need to be filed and a fee that would need to be paid. Debbie is going to call Gina to get our final financial statements and review to make sure there are no irregularities. We are going to put out a newsletter. Charley will organize some ideas and start the first draft to the other Board members. We are hoping to get emails from community members so we can create a virtual communication system. The Board will have some suggestions to change amendments. The residents will need 10 days notice. Some of the proposals include a late fee for late assessments. Fence restrictions that would not allow fences to be aligned with the front of the house. Jason will draft proposed Amendments to provide to community members before our annual meeting. Jason will follow up with the pond maintenance needs. We are considering an annual meeting with the community in September. We will discuss this at our next meeting. We may need to find out about the availability of a room in the city hall building or possibly at a local school.

The next meeting will be held at Debbie Davis’s house, on July 31, 2007, at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors