July, 2008

ATTENDEES: Charley Galassini/Secretary, Jason Marker/Director,
Joseph Oliver/Director

Kelly S., Beautification committee.

ABSENT: Matt Haubert/President

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted without amendments.

We discussed the 12 people who have not yet paid their annual assessments. We are going to the residence to confirm that indeed they are the people who are living at the home. We need to do this to verify the resident of the home. We will bring a copy of the assessment due letter and present it to them if they are indeed the owners of the home. We are going to do this next week, Thursday July 17th and go around 7:00pm.

We discussed the landscaping, irrigation and pond maintenance contracts and it appears to be going well. We have been seeing the contractors doing the work and the community appears to be doing well.

Matt was not at this meeting, so we will get an update at the next meeting on the violation letters. We have noticed that some residents have already fixed some of the violations.

Treasurer’s Report
Charley paid the Commonwealth Edison bill and he was reimbursed.

We also paid the next month’s landscaping payment. We reviewed the money in the checking account and reviewed the statements, things look ok.

Kelly S, from the beautification committee, reported they would like to buy some more plants while they are on sale and she was told that is something the community would like to see. We briefly discussed how we could get some decorations for the holiday season and she will look into that as we get closer to that season.

Matt is going to start a draft of the next newsletter. We want to be able to get it ready for mailing at our August meeting. Annual meeting, board positions, email addresses, tree program, putting the address of the assessment non-payers, and comment from the beautification committee.

We talked about buying some signage for announcement of events and the annual meeting.

We discussed having a bean bag tourney with some prizes. Kelly is going to follow up with this area and make it part of the beautification committee.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday August 13, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors