July, 2007

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Debbie Davis/Treasurer,
Charley Galassini/Secretary, Jason Marker/Director, Joseph Oliver/Director


The minutes from the last meeting were accepted without amendments.

Debbie will get a copy of the insurance contract. Jason discussed we need to get all the paperwork filed properly, so we became official. He had our documents from the state. Matt’s brother can help us with the financials.

We discussed all the amendments that we intend to propose to the community. They need to have them in advance of our annual meeting. Jason has some proposals and he will write them up and share them at the next meeting. We will have to get organized for the annual meeting, because the community needs proper notice. We will also need to put together the process for anyone who wants to run for the Board. We are going to propose the two current members up for election be retained for another term, but this will have to be done according to guidelines.

We know a number of residents have dead trees. This continues t o be an issue and hopefully we will have a more solid idea of how Plainfield will replace the trees. Joe will continue to follow up with TJ from Plainfield. It appears we are getting closer to resolution. We are following up with Garden Visions to purchase trees for their own residence. The free trees would be put in different community areas in our community. Joe has the proposal from Garden Visions and we will enclose this information in our letter to the community.

Treasurer’s Report

We are going to send out a newsletter to the community. Charley will compose a draft and email it to the other members of the Board. He will then compose a final draft and send it to everyone for revision. Matt will enter all the community members into a data base, so we can do a mail merge. Joe will get stamps, envelopes, and paper for the letter. Debbie will copy the information.

We will look to meet again August 15th to get everything ready for mailing. The purpose of that meeting will be to stuff envelopes and have everything ready to be mailed. We are going to ask community members to respond by September 1, 2007.

We have the P.O. Box 1588 Plainfield IL. 60544. Charley and Joe have the keys.
We will check periodically for responses. The Board will look to the community to get ideas for community events. Debbie is going to call Gina, so we can get the money that is left in the account and get a final accounting of the finances. Charley has paperwork to open the bank account. Charley and Debbie will open the account and be the two signers on the account.

Matt will check into a place for our annual meeting.

The next meeting will be decided once we get the responses from the community.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors