January 13th, 2009

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary
ABSENT: Jason Marker/Director
GUEST: Brian Pifer, resident and website design specialist

Old Business
The Board first met with Brian, resident of Tuttle, who presented the Board with a Website Proposal for tuttlecommunity.com or other available names. He discussed various site designs and the pages/tabs included with the design. His fee would be $600/year. The Board will consider same, review the budget and table a vote on proceeding with the new website until next meeting. We would like to talk with Eric at metropolisjoe, since we have already paid $120/year for the current website. Then, we will weigh the option of going with a new website versus not. Matt will contact Eric to see if he can come to our next meeting to discuss the current website. The Board next discussed resident concerns re: the increase in dues. The Board Statement and Summary of Accounts, along with a new Itemized Budget have been completed. We have also secured a date for meetings with residents, 1/27/09 - the first date available at the Library. Immediately, we will e-mail any resident whom has posed questions. We will include copies of the above documents and advise that if they still should like to meet with us, they may do so on 1/27/09. We will also advise of the procedures for the upcoming meeting as voted upon at our last Board meeting on 12/29/08. We will set times for those residents who respond accordingly. We have one resident who has requested to view the HOA accounts and we will work with him to do so at appropriate dates, beginning at the meeting on 1/27/09 if time permits. The Board next discussed the upcoming Newsletter, which is in draft form. The Statement from the Board re: the increase in dues as well as the Summary of Accounts has been finalized as mentioned above. We will include these in the newsletter to all residents as well. We have received an offer from a resident, Jennifer, who is an Editor, to review the newsletter. Matt will talk to Jennifer about editing the newsletter and attempt to get a draft to her prior to our next meeting. We are shooting for distribution by end of February.

Treasurer’s Report
The current balance of the community account as of 1/13/09 is roughly $20,000. 107 people paid dues in December. At this point, we have received more payment from residents that we had at this time previously last year. The Board was advised there were a few individuals whom had sent payment for less than $180. The Board discussed how to handle these situations and it was agreed that all such individuals who have not paid the full $180 will receive the standard late fee of $50 if not paid by February 5, 2009. We will include a paragraph in the upcoming newsletter about ensuring full payment is made or a late fee will be assessed per our Rules & Reg's. Charley advised he learned from GreenUp that there will be no increase for pond maintenance for 2009. We had anticipated a possible increase due to the representatives assertion that costs of chemicals were going up. As our Declarations require a financial review each year, Charley advised he will begin looking for quotes from accountants for same and report back to us at our next meeting.

New Business
The Board discussed the need to file a tax return for the 08' year. Charley will also discuss same with an accountant and obtain quotes prior to our next meeting. The Board discussed preparing late fee letters for any residents who are past due after 2/5/09. Jason and Charley will begin preparing these.

Individual resident meetings will take place on 1/27/09 at the Plainfield Library from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors