January, 2008

ATTENDEES:Matt Haubert/President, Charley Galassini/Secretary,
Jason Marker/Director, Joseph Oliver/Director



We discussed what needs to be done about enforcement of the residents who do not pay their assessments. Several ideas were discussed: Putting names in the newsletter, sending names to the credit bureaus, and taking legal action.

We have enough money to make the final payment to the landscaper

Treasurer’s Report
Bills were paid for postage and supplies. Commonwealth Edison was paid. We are getting payments for the annual assessments, but we still have a lot still unpaid. We will meet February 4, 2008 to send out the late payment letters. Charley and Joe are tracking payments and making deposits. They will continue this and report at the next meeting our status. We will need to pay Murphy’s Landscaping the amount due is 6,140.00.

We discussed the beginning parameters of the 2008 budget.

We discussed the need to get proposals for landscaping, pond maintenance, and irrigation. We reviewed the proposals from last year. Jason is going to talk to last years’ company and see if he is willing to submit a proposal for 2008. Charley will contact a representative from Green Up.

We are looking at putting together a newsletter for April. We will get a draft going between us and discuss how to get it out to residents.

The next meeting will be held Monday February 4, 2008, it is so we can send late payment letters.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors