February 25th, 2015

ATTENDEES: Scott M, Charley G, John M, Art G.
ABSENT: Andrea P.

1. Meeting called to order by Scott Mueller President at 7:10
2. Proxies were counted and quorum was established
3. Nominations for Board Member/Elections
John M indicated he would not be seeking re-election as Secretary
Charley G, indicated he would be seeking re-election as Treasurer

Resident Eric Laughridge’s name was submitted for nomination for Secretary

Charley and Eric ran unopposed and were elected to their respective roles

4. Treasurer’s Report - Budget was presented and approved. Motion made by Art G, seconded by John M.

5. Landscaping - Art G submitted 3 proposals for Landscaping from present vendor
Estimate #71, 65, and 210. These were part of Landscaping budget. Art G motioned that these be approved, Charley G seconded, motion passed.

6. The Board thanked John M for his service on the Board. John indicated that if we were going to add an At-Large Director role that he would be interested in serving. Board took this under advisement and will discuss at next Board Meeting.

7. Motion to Adjourn by Charley G, seconded by Art G and approved
Meeting Adjourned at 7:50pm