February 10th, 2009

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jason Marker/Director
ABSENT: Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary
GUEST: Eric with Metropolisjoe.com

Old Business
Upon unanimous vote, the minutes from our prior meetings, November 12, 2008, December 9, 2008, December 29, 2008, and January 13, 2008, were approved. The Board discussed finalizing the upcoming Newsletter and various inserts. It was agreed the Board would add a section regarding an update of the community 2009 dues, with a thank you for those who have paid and a reminder for all those who have not paid to submit payment as they are now late. We will also insert a Calendar of Events. Matt will work on obtaining a date for the community dinner. Dates for a community bike ride and bags tournament were considered. The Board next discussed outstanding community dues. We have 23 people at this time who have not paid and a small group of 12 who have paid less than $180. Upon unanimous vote, the Board determined all past due residents will be assessed a late fee, letters to be forthcoming. The Board next discussed solutions to Communications issues. The Board all agreed the Newsletter will be a great start - especially if we continue inserting a financial update. The Board discussed open meetings, per suggestions of some residents. On unanimous vote, the Board agreed to open quarterly meetings to residents. Dates will be March, June, September, and November. The June meeting will be a "State of the State" meeting to review financial's of the community with residents Y2 way through the year. Beginning this year, the Board agreed the community's annual meeting will be held in February per our Declarations. We will insert these dates and a blurb about open meetings in the newsletter. Exact dates and time subject to availability of the library or wherever we shall determine to meet. Continuing with Communication issues, the Board discussed our community website situation. A representative from metropolisjoe.com, Eric, appeared at the meeting. He advised the website would be undergoing a reconstruction sometime this summer. We discussed with him various upgrades, including adding tabs for 1. Board Updates, 2. Treasurers Report, 3. Newsletter, 4. Community Calendar, 5. Minutes, 6. Committee Reports, 7. Pictures, and 8. Contact Us Page. Eric advised he could have these changes made for us around the same time we anticipated the newsletter going out - in beginning of March. Consideration was given to creating, designing and upkeep of our own community website. A resident had offered to do same for a monetary fee. We have already paid for metropolisjoe for the 2009 year ($120/year). Thus, upon unanimous vote, the Board agreed to stay with metropolisjoe for this year, but we would still like to entertain those discussions, and perhaps work with the resident to be able to launch a community website next year - which we can then run as a community. The Board discussed and agreed to updating information timely on the website and spoke to Eric regarding this. The Board agreed to a policy of getting all minutes on the website within 14 days of each meeting.
The Board discussed old outstanding dues and whether Lien's would be filed. Generally, we the Board unanimously adopted a new policy whereby a lien would be filed on any resident's home who is past due over a reasonable timeframe, which we would still like to determine after obtaining legal counsel. As a group, we determined we'd like to set up a Collections Committee, which would be responsible for filing any and all liens and sending out notices to past due residents. This committee would work closely with the Treasurer. A resident in the community has some expertise in this area and we will ask for his help.

Treasurer’s Report
The current balance of the community account as of 2/9/09 is $38,035.30. At this point, 26 residents have not paid their dues, while another 12 have not paid the complete $180. Charley advised we had 2 returned checks that did not clear. He discussed what would be done about those checks. He discussed getting letters out to everyone who has not paid full dues. The Board also discussed being open to individual situations and determined we, as always, will use discretion when determining whether to waive late fees.

New Business
The Board discussed the foreclosed home at 13022 Meadow Lane, which was foreclosed upon recently and the homeowners moved out. Matt contacted the Village re: the vehicle that has remained abandoned in the driveway. The Village will take appropriate measures. The Board discussed some of the resident concerns from our meetings in February. Re: communication, the board discussed seeking help in the form of committees, to include, communication, social, collection, beautification, etc. The Board discussed the issue some residents have with the prior budget -where they feel we based the budget on 230 homes, rather than 248. The Board never created a budget based on only 230 residents; it simply took into consideration a certain amount of "Bad Debt" when determining the $180 amounts. The Board discussed an update in the newsletter to residents with a new budget showing an itemization for the "Bad Debt" we considered and an explanation as to why dues were calculated at $180. Additionally, we will remind residents that any amounts received over and above what is needed for anticipated community expenses will to the community reserve account. With regards to the issue of landscaping improvements, the Board discussed resident concerns. Although the Declarations allow the Board to use reserve funds to pay for landscaping improvements and we have committed funds to do so, the Board has spoken to Dan at SummerGreen who has agreed to entertain any projects we wish within those funds. Thus, on unanimous vote, the Board wishes to allow for community input and agreed to provide for a Survey in the upcoming newsletter, solicit the priorities of the community, and proceed after knowing same. Finally, the Board discussed the open Board seat, and unanimously per vote, agreed we would open the opportunity to all residents. There may be persons with expertise and/or time willing to help the group and to ensure we expose all residents to the availability of the opening, we will provide an insert - an Application - in the upcoming newsletter. We will then contact persons we are interested in, interview them, and thereafter make an appointment, which we anticipate doing before the end of March, 2009.

The next Board meeting will also be an open meeting for residents and will take place on March 10, 2009 at the Plainfield Library from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors