February, 2007

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Debbie Davis/Controller,
Charley Galassini/Secretary, Jason Marker, Joseph Oliver,
Gina Oleskiewicz/Foster Premier.


The lights in the front of the community are working.

Need to review quotes.

Treasurer’s Report

The Board reviewed several landscaping proposals. We compared the different proposals and we need to make a decision soon because the current contract runs out. Debbie and Matt will talk to the newest bidder and poll the other Board members and then a decision will be made. There are also proposals to handle pond maintenance. The pond maintenance contract needs to be decided by May. The Board expressed concern about people who are not paying their assessment on time and this money is important so we can pay our financial responsibilities on time. The Board discussed implementing a late fee. Gina will draft and send a letter to the individuals who have not kept their assessment current. We will look at how we may make a late fee part of the covenants. The property insurance needs to be reviewed. We will get some quotes, so we can see if there are ways we can save money. The Board will have to discuss what will be done when there are violations to the established covenants. These will be looked at on a case by case basis. The Board reviewed the financials and we realize that we are operating in a deficit and when we asked Gina about this she pointed out that Wiseman-Hughes would be responsible. She stated most new communities operate with a deficit. We also talked with Gina about the fees charges by Foster Premier. She stated her boss would be the person who negotiates a reduction.The Board decided to review the contract with Foster Premier. They charge 1200.00 per year and we want to make sure what we are getting for this amount of money. Their contact will expire July 31, 2007. We will review when we need to give them notice if we were to decide to make a change.

We discussed the possibility of raising the annual assessment and Gina shared we would need to have a meeting with the homeowners to have a vote. The Board sees this as a last resort, but right now the financial situation is not very good. There is no money available to do some extra things some of the other surrounding communities are doing.

Gina will continue to do the newsletter.

The board thought that we may be able to get some volunteers to do some planting around the front to make it look more attractive.

We did not establish a date for our next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Charley Galassini, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors