December 29th, 2008

ATTENDEES: Matt Haubert/President, Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jason Marker/Director, Joseph Oliver/Director, Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary

Old Business
The Board discussed and reviewed Homeowners Association payments. We are ahead of schedule with respect to payments received this year as compared to last year. The Board discussed at length the recent e-mails to the Tuttle Hotmail account from residents. We have received roughly 6-8 e-mails from residents. We decided that we would have meetings with residents that had concerns or questions on an individual basis rather than a group basis. Our Board is always open to discussing or meeting persons whom have questions. Prior to the meeting, we will ask for persons to send us a list of questions and concerns so that we can properly address them. We will limit meetings to 20 minutes per person/household. In doing so, this will ensure we respond to each persons questions appropriately, minimize the potential for negativity in attempt to alleviate further issues from occurring. If more time allows, we will of course allow the meetings to go longer, depending on the amount of persons responding. We will also require questions to be given to us within five days of the meeting so that we can be prepared given the likely time constraints. The Board voted on these procedures and they were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer supplied the Board with an itemized Record of Checks since October 2007 at the time of the takeover from Premier. The Treasurer created documents for totals of expenditures and deposits in the years 2007/2008. Checks, deposits and balances were given in addition with a Summary of deposits, checks, since our takeover. The Bank Balance as of December 29th , 2008 is $8,733.46 due to money received from 2009 assessments.

New Business
The President presented the TUTTLE OUTLOOK to the board, a new and improved newsletter, which included numerous sections and pertinent information for the residents of Tuttle Estates. Also in the Tuttle Outlook the President proposed 10 different committees. The board discussed the frequency of the Tuttle Outlook and obtaining a quote for creating said newsletter. Based on the quote, the Board will assess how often the newsletter can be published given the proposed budget of $1,200 for mailings in 2009. Three times per year was suggested, however; the Board will again review same after having discussed the costs of creating the Outlook. Prior to the next meeting, the Board will obtain quotes from venders re: the Outlook for printing. The Board also discussed distribution of the newsletter - and to save costs, it was suggested that we find persons (create a committee) who might be interested in dropping them door to door to all residents who are not already on our e-mail list. Also, the Board discussed putting the final version into a PDF for persons to be able to more easily download. We discussed the upcoming monthly meeting with residents, and creating a Board Statement re: the increase. We will begin drafting same, finalize, and e-mail to all those who have e-mailed with concerns, along with a new Itemized Budget showing money anticipated for capital reserves (which were generally in the landscaping portion of the initial budget posted) along with money collected to date from capital contributions and how those would also go towards the capital expenditures to common areas we are proposing. We will also include in an e-mail to residents with a Summary of Accounts to explain where all of the committee's initial $60,000 capital reserves went and why an increase was imminent even despite creating a reserve account. These documents will be e-mailed to all in attempts to further explain the dues increase in lieu of a meeting. If persons should still request a meeting, we will grant those requests.The Board began looking for meeting places, including Harris Bank and the Plainfield Library. We will finalize a date and time and forward same to those who have e-mailed within 10- 14 days in advance and advise them of the procedures as voted upon. The Board discussed having a newsletter ready for distribution by mid-February, including a more lengthy explanation of the Board's rational for the 2009 dues increase for all residents to read, as well as the inclusion of the itemized proposed budget for 2009 and the Summary of Accounts the Board is compiling. The Board will continue compiling all of these documents and distribute for approval to all Board members via e-mail prior to any e-mails being sent to residents.

The next meeting will be held January 13, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors