April 5th, 2017

ATTENDEES: Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jason Marker/Director, Mark Larson/Director
Matt Haubert/President, Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary
Kim Bingham, Welcoming Committee, Amy Muscrnero, Social Committee

Meeting Minutes – Tuttle Estates Community Association   April 5 2017

Board Members present:  Scott Mueller, Charley Galassini, Eric Laughridge
Board Members absent:  Art Gneuhs, Andrea Parr

Meeting Called to Order at 7pm

Resident(s) Jeff Durango joined us as well as Cynthis Kremer.
Scott Mueller and Marc Finnegan each had approximately 24 proxies so there was a quorum. As only 25 votes are needed for a quorum.
Scott Mueller ran through the election process.   Charley G was running for reelection as Treasurer, Art Gneuhs was running for reelection as a Director, Marc Finnegan was running for the open Directors position.

Introduction of Candidates occurred, election instructions were given, call for election judges was not required as there were no contested seats.   Treasurer collected ballots/Proxies; all candidates were approved by a vote of 51 for, and 0 opposed.
Charley reviewed the Treasurer’s report and shared some of the insights into the budget.  
Scott mentioned that with replacing some of the trees up front on 127th (Emerald ash bore), needing to address the south retention ponds drainage, needing to eradicate the muskrat colony from the south ponds, as well as repair the sidewalk on 127th and cover additional mowing area as the City requires, we may have to use some of our reserves.
One of our guest asked about the reserves and how we managed this.  As a guideline, we follow the recommendation of the Homeowners Associations Group and try to maintain between 1 to 1 ½ times our annual expenses as a reserve.

The Board agreed to monitor the additional expenses as needed and would address this issue later in the year if needed.

Two motions were made for regarding the Treasurer’s report.
First, to approve the budget as submitted   This was made by Mark Finnegan, and seconded by Eric Laughridge
Second to approve the dispensing of funds as called for in the budget.  This enables the Treasurer to pay these bills as they come in without the need to call a special meeting.  This too was approved.  The motion was made by Mark Finnegan, and seconded by Eric Laughridge
During Open Discussion Darci Ridge (Chair) and Karen Calvert (Co-Chair) agreed to manage and lead the block party planning activities.  They will cooridinate with Scott and use the budget from last year.  More details to follow.   

Jeff Durango suggested we reach out to the construction business doing the work on 127th down near Heggs to see if they could help us with our needs on 127th.  This idea was accepted and will ask Jeff to reach out to D Construction on this matter once our scope of work/need is defined.

Marc discussed that he and the pond maintainence group had removed a retainer from the clogged drain and that the ponds on the south end were now draining properly.  Marc will lead the monitoring of the South Ponds and advise the other board members if additional items would be necessary.

There was also discussion about having the police department more engaged in TECA.  This will be addressed by Darci Ridge who is discussing a Plainfield PD Ice Cream Safety Social, as well as by Scott Mueller who is working with traffic enforcement to manage the speed on Meadow Lane.

The Meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:45pm

Respectfully submitted
Scott Mueller, President
Eric Laughridge, Secretary