April 14, 2009

ATTENDEES: Matt Hauber/President, Charley Galassini/Treasurer, Jason Marker/Director, Mark Larson/Director, Jennifer Gneuhs/Secretary

Guest: Brian Pifer, resident website specialist

Old Business
Minutes for March 10th, 2009 meeting were approved.

Since the February Board meeting, at which time we had discussed the current website with Eric at Metroploisjoe.com, the Board had received feedback from residents that the current site was not working efficiently. Further, after various conversations throughout March and into April, resident, Brian Pifer had offered to create and manage a community site for us free of charge. The name and owner of “tuttleestates.com” had been found and we began contacting that individual to request he transfer the domain name to the Board for use for the entire community. The Board was successful in these endeavors and thus, we met to discuss all aspects of creating a new and improved website.
The board spoke with Brian about finalizing and the financial aspects of the new Tuttle Estates Website. Brian presented the Board with a brilliant New Web-Site to allow, effortless, convient and timely communication from the Board to the residents. Brian and the Board discussed possible additions to the new and improved web site such as a printable form of the Covenants/Bylaws for Tuttle Estates, Will county assessor’s link, committee sub category and a sub category for the Budget with a quarterly financial outlook (Treasurer Report). The Board Minutes would also be posted, but noted they would always be a month behind due to Board approval. Brian stated he would be willing to get a flyer out to all residents informing them of the New and improved Tuttle Web Site, also the Board would announce the new website in the upcoming June Newsletter.

Treasurer’s Report
The Board reviewed homeowners that are still delinquent in paying association dues. There are 26 homeowners that are still delinquent. Letters were sent out to all those who had not paid $180 in dues. A third letter will be drafted by the board, certified and will be sent out no later than May1st, 2009 to all those still outstanding. All of the partial payment residents have been updated and paid.
The Board had discussed the filing of Lien’s on all residents with dues outstanding. We will take this issue up again at the next meeting and solicit Mr. Larson’s help, as he is familiar with this process.

The board discussed drafting up a letter that would be sent to the banks in regards to foreclosed homes in Tuttle Estates, requesting payment for either dues owed and/or late fees. Jason will begin working on this letter as he has been in contact with various banks regarding properties in foreclosure.

New Business
The Board reviewed the total amount of surveys returned with a count being 13 surveys. The surveys indicated that the lights at the front of the North entrance of Tuttle are a Priority to all that returned the survey. The other proposed expenditures received minimal votes. After reviewing and discussing the surveys, and noting the lack of response to requested surveys, the board voted on proposed expenditures for common areas out of the reserve fund. It was unanimously voted that the Board will allocate $6,500 towards expenses, a reduction from the initially proposed amount of $7,800. Expenditures were approved as follows:
$3,500 for lighting expenditures at entrance
$2,000 for landscaping expenditures at front entrance
$1,000 for landscaping expenditures around ponds
Three bids for services were taken in the past, and the Board unanimously voted to approve said work to be done with Summer Green Landscape Company.

The Board decided that the J-Todd’s Community Dinner would be cancelled due to lack of Reponses from the community.

The Board reviewed all applications that were sent in regards to the open Director seat. The Board reviewed all applications and unanimously voted to appoint Mark Larson as Director, to fill the remainder of Joe Oliver’s term. Mr. Lason will be attending the first board meeting as Director May 12th 2009. The board would like to thank all who sent in applications.

The board discussed establishing the North Pond as a "natural area". The North pond is located along 127th street, next to a Natural area maintained by the Plainfield Park District. The board will contact the Village of Plainfield in efforts to gain information on this matter. We would like the lands to look as though they flow continuously together.

Matt advised he would begin a draft of the next Tuttle Outlook, which we would like to distribute sometime around June 1, 2009.


The next meeting will be held at Panera Tuesday May 12th at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Gneuhs, Secretary

Tuttle Estates Homeowners Board of Directors